Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stuff I'm Selling

Stuff For Sale
Best Offers Accepted!

Stuff I want to buy:
-Socket 775 CPU (Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad)
-Dayton RS52 dome midrange drivers
-Hi-Vi planar tweeters(esp. RT1-II)
-Power transformer of either 60v CT or 70v CT.

Computer Stuff:

eVGA 256mb 7800GT with Arctic Cooling NV silencer heatsink
Dual-DVI. Supports video input/output, though I lost the dongle.

Complete eMac Hardware
1ghz G4, 256mb RAM, 20GB HDD, DVD-burner, OSX
It's all there - just plug in a monitor! Great for DIY!

Reduced Price!

Lorex remote security monitoring device.
Brand new in box!

Audio Stuff

MyRef.A kit
Includes heatsink, amplifier, and 330VA transformer
Just add box!
Reduced Price!


Yamaha M40 4-channel amplifier
Works great!
Reduced Price!


Audax HM130C0 5.25"carbon fiber mibass drivers-brand new!
Reduced Price!

Vifa D27TG-05 tweeters
Brand new!

Seas Lotus CM11CY midrange
Dusty, but works great!

Seas Lotus CW17E002 midbass
This was a Madisound clearance special. Brand new, but someone snapped off the terminal mounting bracket. I fabricated a new one out of some pre-punched PCB, tied it on with a bit of wire, and applied JB Weld. It's stronger than the original.

D'Charles Acoustics 4" fullrange drivers
I bought these some time ago for use in a project that never ended up going anywhere. They're similar to Fostex fullrange drivers, but less harsh.
Vifa C11WG flush-mount midrange drivers
Brand new!

Peerless SO1-197 8" subwoofer and 25W BNIB plate amp
The sub is another Madisound special - a product sample. Has very well vented voice coil and top-notch Seas build quality. Sub has been tested, plate amp still in the packaging!
Reduced Price!

5x SKO130PL-SH-4
These are the drivers that were used in Dennis Murphy's SPCA special. They're very similar to the GR Research M130. Brand new and unused! Great for HT!
$30/pair, $70/5

Morel MW-265 low profile woofer
Brand new and unused!
Reduced Price!